The Halifax Developmental Centre for Early Learning provides an environment where your child is welcomed, safe, can learn and is respected for the beautiful, unique little person that he or she is.

Our Centre prides itself on having developed an expertise in the delivery of individualized early intervention programs for children with a broad variety of special needs. The blend of typically developing children with children who have special needs creates learning opportunities rarely found elsewhere.

Our team of trained and experienced educators lend quality to the care and program that your child receives. The staff is committed to creating an environment that encourages learning, creativity, growth and fun.

They want to share your child’s daily experiences with you. They welcome your questions and input. Each staff member is committed to providing exceptional care to your extraordinary child.

The Centre operates year-round, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We share space in the Joseph Howe Elementary School and our entrance is on Charles Street beside our beautiful, accessible playground.

You are welcome to take a tour of our Centre. All it takes is a phone call to Patricia Downey, at 423-4702.

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